Issue #172

7 February 2020

Issue #172
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- Andrew Hao
#Management #Leadership
tl;dr: Andrew applies concept from Andy Grove's management textbook to tech leads covering various topics such as output observability, different types of leverage and meetings, and making decisions. 
#Architecture #Guide
tl;dr: Keavy's discusses her approach to research, which falls into the 3 categories (1) What is the problem we’re trying to solve? (2) How could we approach solving it? (3) How can we prepare for minimal negative consequences?
- Eevee
tl;dr: The evolution of CSS from a personal perspective. Starting pre-CSS to the current use of flexbox. 
tl;dr A 12 class lecture series designed by MIT to educate us on computing ecosystem literacy.
- Erika Reinhardt
#ClimateAction #Guide
tl;dr: A thorough guide on what to do, personally and professionally. "Climate is a huge systems challenge, which means that we need as many people, businesses, and governments on board to make changes like the above."
- Jesse Howarth
#Go #Rust
tl;dr: Switching a service to Rust significantly improved performance. This post outlines how it was done and the improvements.

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I'm working on a project to better understand how people connect movement with emotions. 🚴🏽😊

Here's a fun & anonymous survey: 

Google Maps Hacks
- Simon Weckert
#Google #Entertaining
tl;dr: A Berlin based artist created a traffic jam on Google Maps by placing 99 phones into a handcart and slowly tugging them on the road. 
- Ivan Sagalaev
#Python #Dictionaries
tl;dr: "Changed in version 3.7: Dictionary order is guaranteed to be insertion order. This behavior was an implementation detail of CPython from 3.6."
- Ryan Donovan
tl;dr: "This year we are focused on collecting insights from a sample that is representative of coders around the world."
- Pavlo Golub
#Go #Google
tl;dr: "pg_timetable is an advanced job scheduler for PostgreSQL, offering many advantages over traditional schedulers such as cron and others. It is completely database driven and provides a couple of advanced concepts."
- Maël Nison
tl;dr: New version of the package manager is released, and the author highlights all changes here. 
- Max McDonnell
#Star #Go
tl;dr: "Star is a python(ish) programming environment that lets you call Go library functions."

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