Issue #221

14 January 2021

Issue #221
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#Management #Productivity
tl;dr: The primary reason for low effectiveness is working environment. "There are too many new processes, too many new tools and new technologies" increasing complexity and friction. Tim contrasts a day in the life of both a high and low effective environment, and recommends optimizing key feedback loops. 
#Management #Culture
tl;dr: "We got here on accident, not some grand plan." After laying off his employees, Sahil cared more about "freedom" instituting "a no-meeting, no-deadline" culture. He hired contractors who "saved the company." This way of working has grown to 25 contractors and $11 million in annualized revenue.
What I’ve Learned in 45 Years in the Software Industry
tl;dr: Joel Goldberg retired from BTI360 and outlines what he's learnt: (1) Beware of the curse of knowledge (2) Focus on the fundamentals (3) Simplicity (4) Seek first to understand (5) Beware of lock-in (6) Be honest and acknowledge when you don’t fit the role.
tl;dr: "The most productive developer on a team is usually the one with the most knowledge of the system." This compounds - knowledgable developers are chosen for more tasks and accrue more knowledge. To counter this, assign work to the least busy person for training, use pair and ensemble programming.
An Inside Look At How Figma Ships Product
Yuhki Yamashita
tl;dr: Yuhki guides us through a new product roadmap doc and process. Meetings start with a silent review of the doc. Then the team (1) vote for certain topics to be discussed, (2) reflect on recent launches, (3) team leads complete weekly updates, (4) wins are celebrated.

"It works on my machine."

- Anonymous

#Leadership #Management
tl;dr: (1) Prepare for and adapt to increased turbulence. (2) Reorient your road map With sensemaking. (3) Put care at the center of leadership, and more.
tl;dr: "Relying on volunteers to maintain every open source project isn't long term sustainable. Funding open source projects could keep development moving, but would that funding be raised and who would pay for it?"
#Apple #Hardware
tl;dr: "A few weeks ago, I purchased a Mac Mini with an M1 GPU as a development target to study the instruction set and command stream, to understand the GPU’s architecture at a level not previously publicly understood." 
tl;dr: "We’ve filed a Go language change proposal to add support for type parameters for types and functions, permitting a form of generic programming," which give us powerful building blocks that let us share code and build programs more easily. 
tl;dr: "During this unique year we will be asking presenters to pre-record their session and be available online during their sessions to engage with the attendees via chat." Proposals due February 12, 2021.

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