Issue #181

8 May 2020

Issue #181
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- Fred Wilson
tl;dr: Two common "syndromes" faced by new leaders are “deer in the headlights” and “I’ve got this.” The first requires facing tough challenges. The second requires experiencing and learning from failure. "Leadership requires self awareness, courage, and deep empathy."
- Tim Bray
#Amazon #IndustryNews
tl;dr: Tim resigned his role at Amazon in protest of the company's mistreatment of warehouse workers. He cites the critical role of power balances. Employees at AWS are not mistreated nor considered disposable the way warehouse workers are. 
Manager's Playbook
- Kamil Sindi
#Management #ManagementProcess #Guide
tl;dr: Detailed guide for managers, by the CTO at JW Player.
#Javascript #Framework #Performance
tl;dr: Comparative performance costs of jQuery, Vue, Angular and React. 
tl;dr: Helpful advice if you're considering joining a unicorn from Gergely, from his time at Skype, Skyscanner and Uber. 
tl;dr: "Less a coherent post that makes a clear point, and more a series of vignettes that explore different thoughts."

"If you optimize everything, you will always be unhappy."
- Donald Knuth

#GitHub #Productivity
tl;dr: Focus of this report is developer productivity and activity, work cadence, and collaboration. It offers insights for leaders, and "implications for leading newly distributed teams through uncertainty."
tl;dr: Looking back at his time as the CTO of the NY Times, Nick shares what he learnt. Including how to evaluate technology, best practices on product growth, fixing data infrastructure, and more.  

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tl;dr: The Python Language Summit was held over video conference this year. It comprises short presentations given by implementers, which are summarized here. 
tl;dr: A laundry list of things you need to know in order to start hacking in a new language. 
- Lee Reilly
#GitHub #PracticalTips
tl;dr: Make your @mentions stand out, using dark theme, markdown formatting tips and more.
tl;dr: Go’s usage is concentrated in technology companies with increasing usage in other industries like finance and media.

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