Issue #157

17 October 2019

Issue #157
Weekly Reading For Technical Leaders
- Marian Petre, Professor of Computing at Open University
- André van der Hoek, Professor of Informatics at the University of California, Irvine
tl;dr: Four habits are (1) experts are always mindful of the users (2) deliberately seek elegant & efficient abstractions (3) focus on the essence of design problem (4) constantly simulate how their design supports various scenarios. 
- Will Larson, Infrastructure, Management at Stripe
#Management #Career
tl;dr: Will focuses his career on growth and engagement, not equity & IPOs. He looks at it from a 40 year perspective, and how to maximize factors important to him - pace, people, prestige, profit and learning.
- Keavy McMinn, API lead / Principal engineer at Fastly
#Management #Careers
tl;dr: Keavy realized she preferred an IC role to being a manager. Here she discusses the merits of remaining a senior engineer and the trade-offs it brings. 
- Max Lynch, CEO at Ionic Framework
tl;dr: Ionic is bringing "a fully-supported, enterprise-ready offering with services, advisory, tooling, and supported native functionality available to teams that need more than they can get through community-supported options."
- Deepak Gupta, JS Developer
#JS #TensorFlow #ML
tl;dr: Built on TensorFlow, this solves face detection, face recognition and face landmark detection, optimized for web and mobile devices.
- Anders Hovmöller, Software Engineer at TriOptima
tl;dr: This article outlines why and when you should go against DRY principles, and how to reconcile code you've replicated in areas of your codebase. 
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- Dapr Project Leads 
#Dapr #Containers
tl;dr: "To enable all developers using any language and any framework to easily build portable microservices applications, whether writing new code or migrating existing code."
JavaScript Naming Conventions
- Robin Wieruch, Software Engineer for React, Node, GraphQL & JavaScript
tl;dr: Naming conventions widely accepted as a standard in the JS community.
- David Barsky, Software Engineer at AWS
- Arun Gupta, Principal Open Source Technologist at AWS
- Jacob Peddicord, Senior Open Source Engineer at AWS
#AWS #Rust
tl;dr: More companies are using Rust including Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla. It's also seen growth in AWS, with services such as Lambda, EC2, and S3. 
- Drew DeVault, Software Consultant
tl;dr: Drew manages releases for free & open-source software, and consistently found ways of making a new mistake each time he shipped a release. Here he shares those mistakes to prevent them from recurring. 
- Scott Gilbertson, Writer and Programmer
tl;dr: The cloud has created tension amongst open sourced technologies and companies wrapping such technologies into products they sell. This articles debates between changing the open source business model and changing how open source is licensed. 
- Raymond Hettinger, Python Core Developer
tl;dr: Includes assignment expressions, positional-only parameters, parallel filesystem cache for compiled bytecode files and more. 
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