/Paul Boyd

Designing Good Interfaces tl;dr: “An application with good code and a bad UI is still useless.” Paul looks at software design from both the application and UI perspective, illustrated with examples.

featured in #397

The Day I Wiped A Production Database Table tl;dr: "I was 6-months into my first real developer job, trying to fix a bug. Our application would sometimes insert rows with an invalid “foreign key.” Of course, the bug was only seen in production, so I had a production MySQL shell open to see the bad rows."

featured in #323

The Regex [,-.] tl;dr: "I can’t tell if the author was being clever or if it was a particularly lucky typo. Either way, I will continue putting - at the beginning: [-,.]. But if you feel the need to send someone down a rabbit trail [,-.] is an option for you." Paul discusses how arrived at this conclusion.

featured in #316

How Not To Store Passwords tl;dr: Primer on how to not store passwords. While some of these may be obvious, there are interesting examples of how companies still do this incorrectly.  

featured in #163