Best Practices For Inclusive CLIs

- Rohan Kumar tl;dr: "This began as a reply to another article that lists practices to improve user-experience of command-line interfaces... Unfortunately, a number of its suggestions are problematic, particularly from an accessibility perspective." Rohan elaborates on these and and discusses best practices for inclusive CLIs. 

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What To Consider When Visualizing Data For Colorblind Readers

- Lisa Charlotte Rost tl;dr: "Most of the advice here will make your charts easier to read. Not just for people with a color vision deficiency, or the older ones, or the ones that read your chart in low light – for everyone."

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Accessibility in Agile Transformational Practices

- Dylan Barrell tl;dr: How to develop accessibility practices into your agile processes (1) create central team to manage the transformation (2) Execute an ongoing empathy program (3) Curate a set of high-quality learning resources and integrate into onboarding (4) Form a team of accessibility coaches to coach teams (5) Create an accessibility dashboard.

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Building The Most Inaccessible Site Possible With A Perfect Lighthouse Score

- Manuel Matuzovic tl;dr: Author shows how he hacked the system concluding that we shouldn't trust Lighthouse numbers blindly, automatic testing is a first step in understanding what's wrong with our overall system.

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We Are Actively Destroying The Web

- Chris Ferdinandi tl;dr: Web pages built with popular JS frameworks are more likely to have accessibility issues. Lack of education & rise of inexperienced developers are causes. The article runs through examples of these issues and solutions to the ongoing problem.

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Accessibility Insights for Web

- Itamar Turner-Trauring tl;dr: Google Chrome extension for "assessing the accessibility of web sites and web applications." You can see errors in place and visualize tab-stops.

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