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Accessibility in Agile Transformational Practices

- Dylan Barrell tl;dr: How to develop accessibility practices into your agile processes (1) create central team to manage the transformation (2) Execute an ongoing empathy program (3) Curate a set of high-quality learning resources and integrate into onboarding (4) Form a team of accessibility coaches to coach teams (5) Create an accessibility dashboard.

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Understanding Fake Agile

- Steve Denning tl;dr: As Agile Methodology has been increasingly banded around and adopted by larger enterprises, this article clarifies how agile methodology really works.

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How To Balance The Tension Between Data Science And Agile

- Anat Rapoport tl;dr: Although specific deadlines are not alway possible with Data Scientists, flexible timelines & goal setting are. Trust & communication are key. Work in short cycle so DS aren't siloed for long.

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