Under The Hood: How We Built API Versioning For LinkedIn Marketing APIs

- Nihit Purwar tl;dr: "We were releasing breaking changes almost monthly with different sunset dates – making it hard for developers to test and plan their roadmap without a predictable release schedule. Unversioned APIs also blocked customers from accessing the latest features and caused internal challenges with new feature development." Nihit's discusses how his team set out to build API versioning for LinkedIn Marketing APIs.

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Best Practices For Making API Calls At Scale

- David Donnelly tl;dr: 3’s a crowd and 429’s a rate limit exceeded error. We explore best practices for making API calls at scale, the 4 most common ways rate limits are implemented, and a methodology for avoiding rate limits dynamically.

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The 10 REST Commandments

- Vedran Cindrić tl;dr: Having spent the past 10 years building APIs, Vedran Cindrić, the co-founder of Treblle, goes through 10 essential rules on how to build and run amazing REST APIs that scale in any programing language.

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How To Design A Good API And Why It Matters

- Preslav Mihaylov tl;dr: Based on a 2007 talk, this post covers why APIs matter, the process of design, general principles, and briefly bullets out class, method and exception designs. 

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Podcast 313: What Makes For A Great API?

- Ben Popper tl;dr: "This week with chat with Matt Biilmann, CEO of Netlify, who has been building developer tools, content management systems, and web infrastructure for more than 30 years and is recognized for coining the term “Jamstack.” He opens up about what, in his opinion, makes a great API."

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API Pagination Design

- Alexander Solovyov tl;dr: The common way to paginate in APIs - offset or page number - tends to lead to a "suboptimal" SQL query, requiring databases to find, count and throw away rows. Alexander shows us a better way, using cursor.

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10 Lesser-known Web APIs You May Want To Use

- Tapas Adhikary tl;dr: "In this article, I am going to talk about 10 more web APIs that are not so popular."

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How Should We Build The APIs Of Tomorrow?

- Tomer Elmalem tl;dr: "The global shift in internet traffic, plus the realities of the laws of physics, will start to challenge how we build APIs." Tomer ponders on what the future holds for API architecture.

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- Jakub Roztocil tl;dr: "A user-friendly command-line HTTP client for the API era. It comes with JSON support, syntax highlighting, persistent sessions, wget-like downloads, plugins, and more."

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Best Practices For Managing And Storing Secrets Including API Keys And Other Credentials

- Mackenzie Jackson tl;dr: "Secrets management doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all approach so this list considers multiple perspectives so you can be informed in deciding to, or not to, implement strategies."

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