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Modern Web Debugging In Chrome DevTools

- Bramus Van Damme Victor Porof tl;dr: "As an author, you want to see and debug the code that you wrote, not the deployed code. To make up for it, you can now have the tree show the authored code instead. This makes the tree more closely resemble source files you get to see in your IDE, and these files are now separated from the deployed code." The authors discuss how this works and other additions to Chrome's DevTools. 

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Building For The 99% Developers

- Jean Yang tl;dr: "As the founder of a developer tools startup, I’ve talked with hundreds, if not thousands, of software developers in the course of routine user research." Jean presents the "truths" about building enterprise software for "99% developers," the ones working outside of "hip companies and frameworks": (1) Smaller companies attempt to the imitate tooling of FAANG companies despite different resources. (2) There is no gold standard development environment. (3) The goal is progress, not perfection, and more.

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Cloudflare Workers: The Fastest Serverless Platform (Eliminate Cold Starts)

- Rita Kozlov tl;dr: Just about four years ago, we announced Cloudflare Workers, a serverless platform that runs directly on the edge. Today, Workers is 30% faster than it was three years ago at P90. And it is 210% faster than Lambda@Edge, and 298% faster than Lambda.

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Wrangler 2.0 — A New Developer Experience For Cloudflare Workers (Eliminate Cold Starts)

- Ashcon Partovi Sunil Pai tl;dr: We’ve made it much easier to get started with Cloudflare Workers. All you need is a single JavaScript file to run a Worker -- no configuration needed. You don't even need to decide on a name!

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Developer Tools Secrets That Shouldn’t Be Secrets

- Christian Heilmann tl;dr: (1) Console is more than log() - it's console.log(width), console.error(), console.trace(), etc... (2) You can log without source access. (3) You can log outside the browser i.e. in the VS Code debugger. (4) You can inject code into any site. And more.

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Developer Tools Secrets That Shouldn’t Be Secrets

- Christian Heilmann tl;dr: (1) Console is much more than "log()." (2) You can log without source access – live expressions and logpoints. (3) You can log outside the browser – VS Code debugger. (4) You can inject code into any site – snippets and overrides, and more.

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What's New In DevTools (Chrome 92)

- Jecelyn Yeen tl;dr: You can now preview and author CSS Grid with the new CSS Grid editor, and more.

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Developer Tools Can Be Magic. Instead, They Collect Dust

- James Koppel tl;dr: James highlights how research is light-years ahead of what’s being deployed and presents three of his favorite tools from the last 30 years, all of which he's tried to use but that don't currently run.

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A Day In The Life: Ashley Joost (Principal Software Engineer, Skyscanner)

tl;dr: A Q&A with Ashley Joost, including what’s the best piece of advice you’ve received? Ashley responds "that as a lead, I set the example for how our team operates, performs, and works together. And I’ve taken that with me to every role since then."

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Magit 3.0 Released

tl;dr: "Magit is a text-based Git user interface that puts an unmatched focus on streamlining workflows. Commands are invoked using short mnemonic key sequences that take the cursor’s position in the highly actionable interface into account to provide context-sensitive behavior."

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