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Every Team Should Have A Retrospective Practice

- Tim Casasola tl;dr: (1) "Learning as a team builds psychological safety: the feeling of being able to say what you mean without fearing judgment or negative consequences." (2) Retros are low hanging fruit (3) They put teams on the path to continuous improvement. Tim provides resources for facilitating retros.

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How I Went From Dev To VP Of R&D In 25 Months

- Dan Lines tl;dr: Characteristics of an elite team and 7 "secrets" from building such a team, including (1) learning how to get developers to do what was right without formal authority (2) The smarter the person, the more “why” matters.

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Independence, Autonomy, And Too Many Small Teams

- Kislay Verma tl;dr: The concepts behind two pizza teams - mission and independence - have been lost. Teams no longer work on customer problems but a subset of those problems. This requires a lot more cross team collaboration, creating bottlenecks and inefficiencies.

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Post-Commit Reviews

- Cindy Sridharan tl;dr: On behalf of post-commit reviews, where comments are addressed in follow up PRs. Developers can iterate faster, pull requests are kept small, code reviewer can batch review, along with cons and considerations.

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Design Docs At Google

- Malte Ubl tl;dr: Malte runs through the anatomy of such a document - context and scope, goals and non-goals, actual design and more. Design docs help to identify issues earlier, achieve consensus, scale knowledge.

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