Don't Let Dicts Spoil Your Code

- Roman Imankulov tl;dr: "The simplicity of organic code growth has a flip side: it becomes too hard to maintain. The proliferation of dicts as primary data structures is a clear signal of tech debt in your code. Fortunately, modern Python provides many viable alternatives to plain dicts."

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Quadratic Algorithms Are Slow (And Hashmaps Are Fast)

- Julia Evans tl;dr: Julia guides us through what a quadratic time function looks like, why it's slow, how to convert a quadratic algorithm into a linear one using a hashmap.

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Hashing it Out

- Akshay Ravikumar tl;dr: Akshay runs through 4 advanced Python dictionary questions and solutions he presented students at MIT.

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A Simple GPU Hash Table

- David Farrell tl;dr: "Capable of hundreds of millions of insertions per second. Code inserts 64 million randomly generated key/values in about 210 milliseconds, and deletes 32 million of those key/value pairs in about 64 milliseconds."

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Dicts Are Now Ordered, Get Used To It

- Ivan Sagalaev tl;dr: "Changed in version 3.7: Dictionary order is guaranteed to be insertion order. This behavior was an implementation detail of CPython from 3.6."

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