Facebook’s TransCoder AI Converts Code From One Programming Language Into Another

- Kyle Wiggers tl;dr: Researchers have developed a system that converts code from one high-level language to another, with minimum human involvement. What could go wrong. Paper is here.

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Rebuilding Our Tech Stack For A New Facebook.com

tl;dr: The FB team built a client driven app anchoring the rebuild with 2 mantras. (1) As little as possible, as early as possible, (2) engineering experience in service of user experience. 

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Building A More Accurate Time Service At Facebook Scale

- Zoe Talamantes Oleg Obleukhov tl;dr: How FB improved accuracy from 10 milliseconds to 100 microseconds and verified these results in our timing laboratory.

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Project LightSpeed: Rewriting The Messenger Codebase For A Faster, Smaller, And Simpler Messaging App

tl;dr: The new FB Messenger required a complete rewrite - the codebase shrunk from 1.7M+ lines of code to 360,000. The rewrite was underlines by 4 principles - use the OS, reuse the UI, leverage the SQLite database, and push to the server.

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Facebook Salaries

tl;dr: Covering all engineering levels at Facebook, this tells us how much engineers earn broken down by base, stock and bonus.

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Building The New Facebook.com With React, GraphQL and Relay (video)

tl;dr: "Open source projects like React, GraphQL and Relay are powering more and more Facebook services." This video discusses the latest features of these technologies, like React Suspense.

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