Trying Out Generics In Go

- Mark Phelps tl;dr: "I think that generics will be very beneficial to maintainers who create libraries for things like... searching, sorting, transformations, and the like. I can also see some them being extremely helpful for creating well-tested libraries around the various concurrency patterns that are sometimes tricky to get right."

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Which Go Router Should I Use?

- Alex Edwards tl;dr: "There are probably more than 100 different routers available, all with different APIs, features, and behaviors." Alex evaluates 30 popular ones with a shortlist of the best options with a flowchart to help guide you.

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Go'ing Insane: Endless Error Handling

- Jesse Duffield tl;dr: "My goal is not to convince you that Go is an objectively bad language, it’s to convince you that for certain people, working in Go feels like a constant struggle against stupid constraints."

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A New Way Of Blogging About Golang

- Yehonathan Sharvit tl;dr: The klipse plugin is a JS tag that transforms static code snippets of an html page into live and interactive snippets. The code is executed in your browser and you can modify the code and it is evaluated as you type. The plugin supports Clojure, Ruby, JavaScript, Python, Scheme, Go, Jsx, Brainfuck, C++ and Lua.

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The Cult Of Go Test

- Dan Mullineux tl;dr: "Once you have assert.Equals dotted throughout the tests the cost of removing it becomes unaffordable." Dan's post "demonstrates that the value these assertion libs add is, at least, arguable and also details some of the complexities they add in exchange."

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Half A Million Lines Of Go

- Kevin Dangoor tl;dr: Khan Academy migrated their backend from a Python 2 monolith to services written in Go, and Kevin reflects on what's been learnt.

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Go Modules Cheat Sheet

tl;dr: Quick start, Anatomy of go.mod, minimal version selection (MVS) and more.

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A Proposal For Adding Generics To Go

- Ian Lance Taylor tl;dr: "We’ve filed a Go language change proposal to add support for type parameters for types and functions, permitting a form of generic programming," which give us powerful building blocks that let us share code and build programs more easily.

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Eleven Years Of Go

- Russ Cox tl;dr: Milestones the team have achieved, including the improvement of gopls, which enables advanced Go-aware support in many editors, and more.

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