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Why Doesn't Software Show Up In Productivity?

- Austin Vernon tl;dr: The "digital revolution" hasn't increased economic productivity. To understand this, you need to understand the difference between General-Purpose Technologies (GPTs) and Management Technologies. GPTs plug-in to existing business and are easily adopted e.g. steel, electricity. Software is a management technology and hasn't solved complex enough problems yet. Austin explores what software trends could create GPTs.

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Unexpected Developer Trends

- Matt Rickard tl;dr: Trends Matt found surprising from the Stack Overflow survey: (1) Almost 20% of professional developers use Kubernetes, and 36% of Docker users don't use Kubernetes. (2) Only around 15% of developers consider themselves data scientists, data engineers, or data analysts. (3) Number of full-stack developers decline from 58% to 49% over the last year.

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FSF-funded Call For White Papers On Philosophical And Legal Questions Around Copilot

- Donald Robertson tl;dr: The Free Software Foundation (FSF) views Copilot as "unacceptable and unjust" as it requires and is trained on software that is not free. In addition, there are other open questions notably around copyright infringement. The FSF is calling for white papers into a host of areas on this topic, listed here.

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Stack Overflow's 2021 Developer Survey

tl;dr: Stack Overflow's 2021 developer survey. A key takeaway was "for the rising cohort of coders under the age of 18, online resources like videos and blogs are more popular than books and school combined, a statistic that doesn’t hold for any of our other age cohorts."

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The State Of Developer Ecosystem 2021

tl;dr: "This report presents the combined results of the fifth annual Developer Ecosystem Survey conducted by JetBrains. 31,743 developers from 183 countries or regions helped us map the landscape of the developer community."

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The RedMonk Programming Language Rankings: January 2021

- Stephen O'Grady tl;dr: Interesting trends to note: TypeScript’s ascent up the rankings continues, Ruby's downward trajectory may be not be "gentle", Go seems static or in decline, and more.

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The Great Software Stagnation

- Jonathan Edwards tl;dr: "Those of us who worked in the 70’s-90’s surfed endless waves of revolutionary changes." Yet, since 1996, software has stagnated due to the internet boom. "New technology takes a long time and is very risky," and the smart ambitious programmers "flooded to Silicon Valley," incentivized by VC money.

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2020 Learnings, 2021 Expectations

- Chris Short tl;dr: Chris evaluates his 2020 predictions, and lays out his thoughts for 2021 - 5G and Edge will have significant impact, ARM will have a bigger 2021, live streaming becomes the norm, and the Developer Educator becomes a title.

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The State Of The Octoverse 2020

tl;dr: Github releases its state of the union in three reports - work life balance, open source communities and software security.

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Writing JavaScript Tools In Other Languages – A New Trend?

- Axel Rauschmayer tl;dr: Benefits of using other languages: (1) Can be compiled to native binaries which have faster startup times. (2) Native binaries also usually run considerably faster than JS code. (3) Many languages make it much easier to parallelize code.

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