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Yes, You Should Estimate Software Projects

- Gergely Orosz tl;dr: Businesses are date driven so should engineering teams be. It's a hard skill, and when estimates are wildly off, there's an opportunity to introspect and improve. Meeting estimates build trust. The key is communicating feature changes and tradeoffs with the business early on.

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Dear Startup: You Have No Idea How Much That Costs

- Kyle Prifogle tl;dr: The author puts forth the idea that engineers should ask management for deadlines when asked to build a feature, and explain what can be delivered within that timeframe. Not put the first foot forward by giving an estimate.

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Why Software Projects Take Longer Than You Think – A Statistical Model

- Erik Bernhardsson tl;dr: Developers estimate median completion time of projects well, but not the mean, which is problematic. The article illustrates why. This issue compounds with multiple estimates, and tasks with most uncertainty often dominate the mean time.

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