The Trimodal Nature of Software Engineering Salaries in the Netherlands and Europe

- Gergely Orosz tl;dr: The European software engineering market is split into three distinct groups that have little overlap: (1) Companies benchmarking against local competition, (2) those benchmarking against all local companies, (3) Big Tech: companies benchmarking against all regional.

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Equity For Software Engineers At Big Tech And Startups

- Gergely Orosz tl;dr: "This post attempts to summarize the most common equity compensation setups you might come across, help you understand their value, and point to additional resources. This is the information I wish I knew earlier to understand how equity works at the high-level."

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End of Year Pay Report 2020

- Zuhayeer Musa Zaheer Mohiuddin tl;dr: "The following report examines data we've collected this year and dives into compensation at companies by level and location."

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Salary Stream

tl;dr: "A anonymous digest of verified salaries. Hundreds of employees have uploaded their offer letters, W2s, etc..."

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Software Engineers’ Pay Is Rising Faster Outside Silicon Valley

- Angus Loten tl;dr: "Average salaries grew 13% in London and 7% in Toronto and New York, outpacing 6% increase for San Francisco Bay Area." Certain cities are focused on growing fields (e.g. Toronto on AI), and companies are less focused on SF.

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My Second Year As A Solo Developer

- Michael Lynch tl;dr: Michael left Google two years ago and has lost money both years, intentionally. He discusses how he's designing his life so he can focus on optimizing for side projects that can become businesses.

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State of Software Engineers

tl;dr: Demand for AR/VR and gaming engineering roles are growing fastest, insight into salaries based on location and other trends

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Analysis Of Compensation, Level, And Experience Details Of 19k Tech Workers

- Chip Huyen tl;dr: Chip ran an analysis to attempt to answer several questions including "how long does it take for software engineers to reach a certain level?" and "do women get paid less than men in tech?"

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Highest Paying Companies of 2019

tl;dr: This includes salary, stock and bonuses, and is broken down by experience level. 

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Coding Salaries In 2019: Updating The Stack Overflow Salary Calculator

- Julia Silge tl;dr: Data is taken from the annual developer survey. This is the third year this calculator is released. You can read about the modeling on the link above and try the calculator out here.

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