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Tell Candidates What To Expect From Your Job Interviews tl;dr: Given candidates won't know your interview process from the start - which can lead to confusion - share a simple document beforehand outlining the process and how they should prepare. Julia provides Stripe's sample document.

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A Little Bit Of Plain Javascript Can Do A Lot tl;dr: Julia's goal is "to be able to write little websites with less than 200 lines of Javascript that mostly work." She runs through what all she's been able to do playing around with simple JS and without using a framework.

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So You Want To Be A Wizard tl;dr: Beautifully designed zine: "here's how I approach learning hard things and getting better at programming."

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When Debugging, Your Attitude Matters tl;dr: Julia started to believe that it was impossible to understand basic CSS concepts, impeding her own ability to learn. After shifting her attitude, she saw a major difference in her ability to learn.

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How Tracking Pixels Work tl;dr: Julia asks and answers the question "how does Facebook know that you went to Old Navy" by investigating tracking pixels - how they work and what you can do as a user to reduce the amount you're tracked.  

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How Containers Work: Overlayfs tl;dr: Julia explains how containers work with overlays, which let you mount a filesystem using 2 directories  - a lower, read only one & an upper, read and write one. 

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SQLite Is Really Easy To Compile tl;dr: Multiple attempts to upgrade SQLite leads lead Julia to be "reminded of how executables and shared libraries work".

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Get Your Work Recognized: Write A Brag Document tl;dr: A brag document enlists everything you've achieved since your last review. It's given to your manager and peers making it easier for them to remember your achievements. It's also designed to help focus your work as you understand where you spent your time. Template included.

featured in #147

Working Remotely, 4 Years In tl;dr: Julia, an engineer at Stripe, gives her perspective on working remotely by answering the following questions - Will I miss out on conversations in the office? How will communication work? Will people forget I exist? Can I take responsibility for really important projects? Can I get promoted? Can I be a leader?

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