Easily Rename Your Git Default Branch From Master To Main

- Scott Hanselman tl;dr: "Master-slave is an oppressive metaphor, it's inaccurate and can deter someone new getting excited about learning the technology. Post outlines how to make the change.

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Highlights From Git 2.26

- Taylor Blau tl;dr: "With features and bug fixes from over 64 contributors, 12 of them new. Here’s our look at some of the most exciting features and changes introduced."

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Git From The Inside Out

- Mary Rose Cook tl;dr: Mary's article focuses on "the graph structure that underpins Git and the way the properties of this graph dictate Git’s behavior."

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How To Write A Commit Message

tl;dr: Guideline is "write a concise message, starting with a capitalized verb in the root form, explaining what you did to the code and what the code does to the software."

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Highlights From Git 2.24

- Taylor Blau tl;dr: With features and bug fixes from over 78 contributors, 21 of them new. A look at some of the most exciting features and changes introduced since Git 2.23

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How To Write Useful Commit Messages (My Commit Message Template)

- Jacob Herrington tl;dr: A good message should be able to allow the readers to understand (1) what was done at a glance (2) why the change was necessary (3) the details about what was done (4) any useful details concerning the change. You can see the template here.

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Git Is Eating The World

- Jan van den Berg tl;dr: Git dominates the DVCS market. Yet Bitbucket's announcement that it will sunset support for Mercurial - a Git rival - caused a stir. It emphasizes Git's dominance and lack of competition.

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Oh Shit, Git!

- Katie Sylor-Miller tl;dr: At times, it's not easy to untangle yourself from git. Here's a few situations the author has gotten herself into and how she fixed them "in plain English."

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15 Git Commands You May Not Know

- Zaiste tl;dr: List of 15 Git commands that you may not know. The author also recommends trying Magit, an interface to Git implemented as an Emacs package.

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