The Internet Explained From First Principles

- Kaspar Etter tl;dr: The purpose of this is "to introduce the internet to a non-technical audience. In order to get everyone on board, I first explain basic concepts, such as communication protocols, network topologies, and signal routing."

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Monitoring Demystified: A Guide For Logging, Tracing, Metrics

- Mitch Pronschinske tl;dr: "Current and relevant online resources to help guide you on logging, tracing, and metrics."

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Let's Build A Full-Text Search Engine

- Artem Krylysov tl;dr: "By the end of this post, we'll be able to search across millions of documents in less than a millisecond. We'll start with simple search queries like "give me all documents that contain the word cat.""

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Khan Academy Engineering Career Development

tl;dr: Khan Academy have opened up their career development documentation - how skill level is evaluated, review process, and a lot more.

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When Your Coworker Does Great Work, Tell Their Manager

- Julia Evans tl;dr: Ask if it's ok first - since there are scenarios it may be counterproductive. Think about when it's important, how to do it, and other guidance.

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The Art Of Learning For Software Developers

tl;dr: A guide on learning for developers asking, but not limited to, the following - How to avoid ineffective methods, procrastination and distractions?

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The Risks - Know Them - Avoid Them

- Erin Bromage tl;dr: A helpful and detailed article by a biologist on how Covid has spread in enclosed spaces. Something to consider as some of us may be asked to return to offices. 

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Manager's Playbook

- Kamil Sindi tl;dr: Detailed guide for managers, by the CTO at JW Player.

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Writing a Low-Level Sound System - You Can Do It!

- Niklas Gray tl;dr: "What it takes to write a low-level sound system i.e., one where you do all the sampling, mixing, effects, etc by yourself."

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Equality Is Hard

- Craig Stuntz tl;dr: An argument that "the use and misuse of equals is at the root of a large number of problems in software engineering."

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