Equality Is Hard

- Craig Stuntz tl;dr: An argument that "the use and misuse of equals is at the root of a large number of problems in software engineering."

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Contributing To CPython

- Guido Van Rossum tl;dr: A short guide on how to contribute to CPython including docs on how to start.

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Things I Believe

- Jan Stette tl;dr: A collection of things Jan believes about development broken down into fundamentals, code, design, quality, teams and more.  

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What Is A Software Architect?

- Justin Miller tl;dr: A comprehensive guide - what an architect is, various levels of architecture, typical activities, important skills, suggested books and more.

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Burnout in Software Development Demystified

- Matthieu Cneude tl;dr: A guide to burnout - causes, symptoms, how to talk about it to your manager and strategies to counter it. "Strong social bounds are the best medicine against chronic stress."

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Your First 90 Days As CTO Or VP Engineering

- Will Larson tl;dr: Covers the following areas - priorities and goals, making the right system changes, tasks for the first 90 days, learning and building trust, building a support system, organizational health and process, hiring, execution & technology. 

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On Pair Programming

- Birgitta Böckeler Nina Siessegger tl;dr: At its core, pair programming builds skills that "help immensely to become a well-functioning, collaborative and effective team," such as valuable qualities i.e. focus, communication, giving and receiving feedback, empathy and vulnerability.

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Database Design Standards

- Curtis Poe tl;dr: Curtis runs through some tips on database design - whether to go with camel case names or underscore_names, plural or singular tables, column naming, and more.

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Learn Rust The Dangerous Way

- Fortuna Eruditis Favet tl;dr: "A series of articles putting Rust features in context for low-level C programmers who don't have a formal CS background - the sort of people who work on firmware, game engines, OS kernels, and the like." 

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