Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Playbook

tl;dr: "This DEI playbook has been created to help People Ops Leaders at companies around the world take action and create a more comprehensive DEI program."

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The 40 Best Questions To Ask In An Interview — How To Go Deeper Than “What’s the Culture Like?”

tl;dr: Questions are divided into categories, such as Company Growth and Diversity. Examples of questions are "what are some of the key financial metrics that the company optimizes for? What is the title of the most senior underrepresented person at the company?"

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The Internet Explained From First Principles

- Kaspar Etter tl;dr: The purpose of this is "to introduce the internet to a non-technical audience. In order to get everyone on board, I first explain basic concepts, such as communication protocols, network topologies, and signal routing."

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Monitoring Demystified: A Guide For Logging, Tracing, Metrics

- Mitch Pronschinske tl;dr: "Current and relevant online resources to help guide you on logging, tracing, and metrics."

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Let's Build A Full-Text Search Engine

- Artem Krylysov tl;dr: "By the end of this post, we'll be able to search across millions of documents in less than a millisecond. We'll start with simple search queries like "give me all documents that contain the word cat.""

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Khan Academy Engineering Career Development

tl;dr: Khan Academy have opened up their career development documentation - how skill level is evaluated, review process, and a lot more.

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When Your Coworker Does Great Work, Tell Their Manager

- Julia Evans tl;dr: Ask if it's ok first - since there are scenarios it may be counterproductive. Think about when it's important, how to do it, and other guidance.

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The Art Of Learning For Software Developers

tl;dr: A guide on learning for developers asking, but not limited to, the following - How to avoid ineffective methods, procrastination and distractions?

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The Risks - Know Them - Avoid Them

- Erin Bromage tl;dr: A helpful and detailed article by a biologist on how Covid has spread in enclosed spaces. Something to consider as some of us may be asked to return to offices. 

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Manager's Playbook

- Kamil Sindi tl;dr: Detailed guide for managers, by the CTO at JW Player.

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