Why Does Developing on Kubernetes Suck?

- Dan Miller tl;dr: (1) Myriad dev environments (2) Permissions & authentication issues (3) Network debugging (4) Logging into a container and doing ttuff, and more....

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The Business Executive's Guide to Kubernetes

- Jesse Frazelle tl;dr: Some of the weak points of Kubernetes - it's not to be used for stateful data, often the control dashboard is unsecured leading to vulnerability, consistent issues around upgrading, and others. "With the good, comes the bad".

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Tinder’s Move To Kubernetes

tl;dr: Two year migration so that Tinder can run exclusively on a Kubernetes cluster consisting of 200 services, 1,000 nodes, 15,000 pods, and 48,000 running containers. Click the link in this tweet if paywalled.

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