Scaling To 100k Users

- Alex Pareto tl;dr: There isn't much documentation on the technical challenges that occur due to rapid growth. Alex has done this several times and distilled what he's learnt here.

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Work Is Work

tl;dr: Org design is fetishized by corporate America always looking for some hack. There isn't one. Organizations are imperfect and, at very best, scale linearly. Despite that, there are tips on how to design a scaling organization here.

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Building The DataDog Platform For Processing Timeseries Data At Massive Scale

- Vadim Semenov tl;dr: Podcast interview with Vadim Semenov discussing "the systems that DataDog has built to power their business, and how their teams are organized to allow for rapid growth and massive scale." 

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Speed At Scale - What's New In Web Performance?

- Katie Hempenius Addy Osmani tl;dr: (1) Lighthouse supports Performance Budgeting (2) Native image and iframe lazy-loading comes to the web (3) Google Fonts now supports font-display as a query parameter.

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Python at Netflix

tl;dr: High-level run through of how Python is used in the content life-cycle at Netflix along with mentions of the open-source packages used.

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How Is Software Developed At Amazon?

- Todd Hoff tl;dr: Fireside chat with Ken Exner, GM at AWS Dev Tools. The article summarizes it more extensively than I will. Key ideas are: Create more autonomy and higher velocity by moving away from monolithic architecture towards microservices and two pizza teams 🍕🍕 Automate everything Culture of ownership and accountability. Two pizza teams own everything relevant to their product. They acts like startups, managers oversee startups Are the short summaries (tl;dr sections) helpful? Please vote here

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