Issue #186

19 June 2020

Issue #186
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Leading Virtually
- Fred Wilson
#Remote #Leadership #Management
tl;dr: Tips for leading remote teams during stressful times - more frequent short checkins with entire team, skip level 1-1s, leaning on the leadership team, more time off, celebrating more (birthdays, accomplishments), being yourself. 
tl;dr: Gergely provides a useful framework for how to conduct jams, starting with (1) be mindful of who you invite (2) start with the goal (3) lay out constraints and principles.
tl;dr: Stand-ups are not designed for managers & product owners, not devs. Dan reimagines the stand-up with 3 questions - How am I blocked? What’s distracting me from my priority? Will we ship on time? 
The Next Step for Generics
- Ian Lance Taylor & Robert Griesemer
tl;dr: Go has launched a tool to provide a feel for what generics might look like. Authors want feedback on the implementation - does it make sense? Does it feel like Go? Does it solve the problem for those advocating for generics?
tl;dr: A list of people looking for tech roles from minority groups - Women, LGBTQIA+, Latinx, Native American, Black, Disabled, Non-binary. 
tl;dr: When considering a new technology (1) research and test before deciding (2) Is it solving your problem, what is the cost? (3) Get an opinion from others.
“Simplicity is the soul of efficiency.”

– Austin Freeman
#Python #DataScience
tl;dr: "A tutorial series that links Space Science with Python."
tl;dr: "The largest virtual job fair for remote professionals and companies."
- Gandalf Hudlow
tl;dr: Failure point lies due to "Idea Silos", product dept independently deciding what's needed. A better approach is a "technical VP or Director of Innovation that has product managers, sales staff and engineers in the same silo." 
tl;dr: Shopify's codebase  has ~150,000 tests, this number is growing and expensive to run leading them to implement Dynamic Analysis. The article outlines what Dynamic Analysis is, and pros and cons. 
#Python #Debugging
tl;dr: Using print statements is "far from ideal and there are much better ways to find out what's wrong with your code," explored in this article.
Bootstrap 5 Alpha!
- Mark Otto
#Bootstrap #Front-end
tl;dr: With a new look and feel, "Bootstrap no longer depends on jQuery and we’ve dropped support for Internet Explorer."

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