Issue #188

26 June 2020

Issue #188
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tl;dr: Engineering managers' roles tend to vary considerably. Pat analyses and outlines 5 archetypes, scoring each against 4 key skills - technical, team, process and product. 
#Management #ManagementProcess
tl;dr: Financial and business are common, well established forms of management. Creative management is less established. Software engineering is dominated by business management but should fall under creative management, as it's a designed to unlock new value. We are guided through basic tenets of creative management.
Board Diversity
- Fred Wilson
#Leadership #Management
tl;dr: Diversity often happens in boards when a company is ready to go public. Fred outlines a plan to tackle that at the early stage of a company. 
Develop Empathy
- Dan Moore
tl;dr: Users don't care about "elegance of code or "how much you love to develop." They are "just trying to finish a task and get on with their life," developing empathy for their experience is important. 
The End Of OS X
- Ben Thompson
tl;dr: The next version of macOS is 11.0, which "feels more like a son of iOS" than a sibling to it's predecessor. Ben hypes that this could be a shift to leverage iPhone customers to the Mac Apple store.
“Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes.”

– Oscar Wilde
#BestPractice #API
tl;dr: "Secrets management doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all approach so this list considers multiple perspectives so you can be informed in deciding to, or not to, implement strategies."
How Async Should Have Been
- Nikita Sobolev
#Python #Async
tl;dr: Here the author provides his thoughts about the feature along with an outline of a new solution.
#Front-end #WebAccessibilityDesign
tl;dr: "Most of the advice here will make your charts easier to read. Not just for people with a color vision deficiency, or the older ones, or the ones that read your chart in low light – for everyone."
- Mike Alche
#Search #PostgreSQL #NextJS
tl;dr: How search was implemented on a Next.JS app using PostgreSQL and third party library called "color thief." 
- Tim Holman
tl;dr: "Elevator.js fixes those awkward "scroll to top" moments the old fashioned way."

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