/Andrew Bosworth

Bottlenecks vs Bandpass tl;dr: To avoid bottlenecks in product development, horizontal teams should establish clear guidelines and standards, allowing vertical teams to work efficiently. This frees up time for horizontal experts to focus on complex issues and enables faster progress in the future.

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Get It Done tl;dr: “I relate strongly to the instinct many of us have to do things ourselves rather than involve others. We don’t want to bother them. If we’re being honest, we don’t want to have to. We may worry how it reflects on us. We may worry it means we are failing. But my experience in leadership tells me the exact opposite is true. Someone who tells me when things are going poorly is someone I am going to trust relative to someone who struggles in silence.”

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Be Plainspoken tl;dr: Andrew discusses the superpower of being plainspoken. “Our desire to maintain harmony can cause us to be indirect about uncomfortable truths. Our desire to influence can cause us to pre-emptively address every arcane objection. Our desire to impress can cause us to use more language than necessary. And the expectations we have internalized about corporate communication often cause us to write in a way we never would to our friends.”

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Theory Of Mind tl;dr: “Theory of mind is a concept I first learned in a class on psychology. It describes our capacity to understand the mental states of others.” Andrew explains why this concept is the reason why its so important for leaders to communicate the context around their decisions.

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Focus tl;dr: From the CTO at Meta... "One thing I do look back on fondly was how incredibly focused we were. Resources and time were so tight that you could feel the weight of all the things you weren’t working on. You had real conviction that the thing you were doing was the most important thing." Andrew discusses the value and nostalgia of focus he experienced.

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