Engineering Manager Resources

- Ryan Burgess tl;dr: A list of engineering manager resource links including books, podcasts, articles and more.

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Being A Manager In Terrible Times

- Lara Hogan tl;dr: There are two primary ways we can support direct reports: proactively, by creating a supportive and safe environment, and reactively, responding to individual crises. Lara outlines both.

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How To Build Organizational Resilience

- Ryn Daniels tl;dr: An organization needs 3 things to be resilient (1) Learning skills to develop a body of shared knowledge to prevent wasted efforts of addressing the same problems. (2) Tools, processes and psychological safety to communicate effectively. (3) Slack for engineers to be able to perform both proactive and reactive work.

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Questions To Ask When Choosing A Programming Language

- Shekhar Gulati tl;dr: Shekhar outlines an approach using a decision making matrix and prompting key variables of what's valuable for the organization, such as productivity, suitability for architecture and efficiency.

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Mistakes I’ve Made As An Engineering Manager

- Sarah Drasner tl;dr: (1) Thinking people give feedback the way they want to receive it. (2) Trying to do everything yourself as a manager is the best way to help. (3) Communicating something one time is enough. (4) You have to have everything together all the time.

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Should Engineering Managers Be Technical

- Charity Majors tl;dr: "If you want to coach a team, you gotta know the game." Charity wouldn't recommend becoming an EM without 5-7 years engineering experience. You don't have to be the best engineer to be a great manager. The key is to have both social and technical skills.

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Software Engineering Culture Metrics

- David Xiang tl;dr: David breaks down how to look at engineering culture via questions, characteristics and values, giving examples of each, and 3 interesting metrics - (1) Adoption of frameworks & tools, (2) effectiveness of retrospectives & (3) effectiveness of RFCs.

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Tools For Effective Delegation In Engineering Management

- Jason Wong tl;dr: (1) Know what to delegate (2) Identify desired outcomes and restraints and give full business context (3) Remove yourself from the project, but find the right cadence for updates and label your feelings when asked for feedback.

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Mobile Platform Teams

- Gergely Orosz tl;dr: "The idea of setting up a mobile platform team will probably come around to you if your area has around 20 or more mobile engineers working on one or more apps." Gergely talks through how to approach this and challenges ahead.

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How To Be A Sponsor When You're A Developer

- Lara Hogan tl;dr: You don't have to be a manager to sponsor someone. Lara provides a framework of real-life, non-managerial examples facing within the org and outward, and when speaking to your sponsee and to others.

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