Guiding Critical Projects Without Micromanaging

- Camille Fournier tl;dr: When managing managers, it’s tempting to be hands off, but that's not optimal. Camille was managing a complex migration and decided to hold a monthly status update meeting that paid dividends. It allowed her team to "show off" and air grievances. Camille recommends it when there's a critical area that has misalignment between participants, a forcing function to organize a manager or when there's uncertainty around direction.

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The SOC 2 Compliance Checklist

tl;dr: SOC 2 is a framework for all B2B tech companies that store customer data in the cloud. SOC 2 prep, audit, and reports... oh my! This SOC 2 checklist will give you all the steps for a successful audit.

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Pockets Of Rest Enable Careers

- Will Larson tl;dr: Two pieces of advice if you feel burnt out: (1) Avoid making career decisions while in a bad mental place - take a two week vacation. (2) Great careers are not linear but often have a number of lulls. When you’re high energy, these lulls are opportunities to learn and accelerate your trajectory. When you are low energy, they are opportunities to rest.

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The Bad Habit That Even Productive People Keep Falling Into

- Hunter Walk tl;dr: Know how to prioritize. Hunter gives 3 tactical tips: (1) Prioritize what requires your input for others to move forward. (2) Think "top down, not bottom up" and avoid low impact work. (3) Set deadlines in your to-do list.

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Making ‘Big Changes’ Successfully

- Pat Kua tl;dr: (1) Quantify the problem and success criteria. (2) Start with a tracer bullet. (3) Work in small, end-to-end increments. (4) Prioritize increments by risk and value. (5) Use ratcheting to prevent regressions. (6) Start what you finish.

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Arguments For A Project Kickoff Strategy

- Miroslav Nikolov tl;dr: "You can do some preparation work and stick to a simple execution guide. It will help you identify hidden information early and during the project journey while adding some structure to the process if it lacks such."

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Why "Bring Solutions Not Problems" Doesn't Work

- Lara Hogan tl;dr: When a leader uses this line, it means (1) Your leader can’t / won’t listen or care about this thing, or (2) You need to step up your game and adapt. Lara also lists open questions to ask in place i.e. "What could we try?" or "If you could wave a magic wand, what one thing would you change?"

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5 Ways to Prioritize Your Engineers’ Time

tl;dr: Muts Inayama, VP of Product & Eng at Imgur, provides 5 top tips "to ensure engineers stay on track, understand their priorities, and remain motivated to create the best product possible." Promoted by Stream

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Vanta's SOC 2 Guide

tl;dr: SOC 2 is a framework for all B2B tech companies that store customer data in the cloud. Did you draw the shortest straw and now SOC 2 falls on your plate? Have no fear - this guide breaks down how to prepare for and tackle a SOC 2 audit. Promoted by Vanta

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A Manager’s Guide to Holding Your Team Accountable

- Dave Bailey tl;dr: Holding people accountable feels uncomfortable so we can let it slip. Accountability and feedback are essential to high-functioning teams, and Dave provides a primer on both feedback and accountability, highlighting questions we can ask our team to ensure both are present.

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