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10 Things To Boost Your Workflow in Visual Studio Code tl;dr: 10 things to help you code faster in Visual Studio including a tech debt tracker, an autocomplete tool, and a live share tool.  Click the link in this tweet to bypass the paywall. 

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The Marks Of A True Senior Developer tl;dr: A true senior developer understands the weak links in the codebase, whether that weak link is workable or needs to be fixed soon, where the technical debt lies and has the ability to teach others. If you're paywalled, click the link in this tweet.

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Pyramid Of Doom  —  The Signs And Symptoms Of A Common Anti-pattern tl;dr: The pyramid of doom is a heavily nested, impossible to read, chunk of code 🤯 usually caused by several factors - lack of planning, basic programming knowledge, the "complicated code is smart" mentality, "fix it later" mindset. Each cause comes with a cure.

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