/Ed Batista

Attitude and Behavior tl;dr: We assume attitude drives behavior but, in fact, our behavior also shifts our attitude. A misalignment of behavior and attitude i.e. you should do something but don't feel like it results in cognitive dissonance. Ed outlines strategies to counter this (meditation, journaling, etc...) but states they should come from a sense of authenticity and agency.

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The Tyranny Of Feelings tl;dr: "Emotions can't be controlled, but they can be regulated." Regulation is not control or suppression, it's our ability to sense, comprehend, articulate and express what we're feeling. Helpful tools to regulate emotions are meditation, exercise, sleep, stress-reduction.

featured in #226

From Peacetime To Wartime tl;dr: Despite Ed not liking the war parallel, that's the feeling of everyone's current situation. It's critical for managers to get the "support you need, invest in self-care, and making the time to think." Trust between you and your reports will be a defining factors.

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