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Developers Can't Fix Bad Management tl;dr: Developers should be involved in the product discovery process, not sidelined. They also tend to roped into overly structuring their future work i.e. "predictive planning, creating arbitrary due dates, etc..."

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Why Are CEOs Failing Software Engineers? tl;dr: Financial and business are common, well established forms of management. Creative management is less established. Software engineering is dominated by business management but should fall under creative management, as it's a designed to unlock new value. We are guided through basic tenets of creative management.

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How Many Of You Know Deep Down That The Team Is Working On Something That No Customer Wants? tl;dr: Failure point lies due to "Idea Silos", product dept independently deciding what's needed. A better approach is a "technical VP or Director of Innovation that has product managers, sales staff and engineers in the same silo."

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