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More Follow-Up On The Tech Hiring Market tl;dr: Gergely looks at 30+ compensation related data points to see how companies, across different regions, are adjusting to the rapidly changing hiring market. His advice: "if your company has not yet made off-cycle compensation changes, you’ll likely have to make a case for a larger than usual raise for the new year. Start engaging your leadership now."

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Incident Review and Postmortem Best Practices tl;dr: This post covers: (1) Common incident handling practices across the industry. (2) Incident review best practices. (3) Incident review practices of tomorrow. (4) What tech can learn from incident handling in other industries. (5) Incident review/postmortem examples and templates.

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The Pragmatic Engineer Test: 12 Questions On Engineering Culture tl;dr: "12 questions to get a sense of what a tech company is like to work at, based on things most job postings do not mention:" (1) Are code reviews and testing both part of the everyday development process? (2) Do you follow an internal open-source model, where any engineer can access and contribute to most other codebases - with appropriate code ownership in place?

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How Big Tech Runs Tech Projects And The Curious Absence Of Scrum tl;dr: Gergely covers: (1) various project management approaches based on a survey of 100 companies. (2) Setup and processes of project management in big tech. (3) Why big tech don't use scrum. (4) A POV on how to run projects in your team.

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Advice For Tech Workers To Navigate The Most Heated Job Market Of All Time tl;dr: More emphasis on total comp packages, seeing some companies move to one-year stock grants. Job seekers should optimize for happiness, identifying their "must-haves," and also have the opportunity to negotiate v hard. Employees can negotiate with current employers to improve their situation. Gergely also outlines how this is impacting more junior tech workers too. 

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The Seniority Rollercoaster tl;dr: "I’m a senior engineer, and I received a below-senior offer at a larger tech company. The pay is better, but I feel it’s unfair I don’t have the senior title I’ve already earned. What can I do?" Gergely guides us through the reasons for down-leveling, how to handle it when switching jobs and how to get ahead as a manager.

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Move Fast - How Facebook Builds Software: My Book Review tl;dr: Gergely recommends this book to all engineering managers. It showcases what FB thought made a successful engineering culture and discusses the conflict between "move fast" web engineers and "we can't move fast" mobile engineers. 3 processes stand out as unique to this day - keeping engineers motivated, the FB bootcamp, and code winning arguments.

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The Trimodal Nature of Software Engineering Salaries in the Netherlands and Europe tl;dr: The European software engineering market is split into three distinct groups that have little overlap: (1) Companies benchmarking against local competition, (2) those benchmarking against all local companies, (3) Big Tech: companies benchmarking against all regional.

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Equity For Software Engineers At Big Tech And Startups tl;dr: "This post attempts to summarize the most common equity compensation setups you might come across, help you understand their value, and point to additional resources. This is the information I wish I knew earlier to understand how equity works at the high-level."

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Mobile Platform Teams tl;dr: "The idea of setting up a mobile platform team will probably come around to you if your area has around 20 or more mobile engineers working on one or more apps." Gergely talks through how to approach this and challenges ahead.

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