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The Trimodal Nature of Software Engineering Salaries in the Netherlands and Europe tl;dr: The European software engineering market is split into three distinct groups that have little overlap: (1) Companies benchmarking against local competition, (2) those benchmarking against all local companies, (3) Big Tech: companies benchmarking against all regional.

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Equity For Software Engineers At Big Tech And Startups tl;dr: "This post attempts to summarize the most common equity compensation setups you might come across, help you understand their value, and point to additional resources. This is the information I wish I knew earlier to understand how equity works at the high-level."

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Mobile Platform Teams tl;dr: "The idea of setting up a mobile platform team will probably come around to you if your area has around 20 or more mobile engineers working on one or more apps." Gergely talks through how to approach this and challenges ahead.

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10 Engineering Challenges Due To The Nature Of Mobile Applications tl;dr: "I hope this piece helps non-mobile engineers build empathy for the type of challenges and tradeoffs mobile engineers face and be a conversation starter between backend, web and mobile teams."

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Common Performance Review Biases: How To Spot And Counter Them tl;dr: Performance review feedback should be specific. If it's too generic e.g. "you're overly cautious" or speculative e.g. "you could have done this", you should ask for examples. Gergely outlines eight biases he's experienced, such as recency, strictness and leniency.

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Ask the EM: How Can I Work Better With My Product Manager, As An Engineering Lead? tl;dr: A healthy relationship between engineering and product lead has (1) two people, one voice inside and outside the team. (2) Frequent communication. (3) Empathy towards the other. (4) Clear understanding of where roles start and end. Gergely discusses how to forge such a relationship.

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The Cheetah Software Engineer tl;dr: "The Cheetah is a software engineer who is first and foremost very curious and blazing fast." Gergely describes common traits of such an engineer and how to manage such engineers.

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Advice To Myself When Starting Out As A Software Developer tl;dr: 7 recommendations, including (1) read two books per year on software engineering thoroughly i.e. take notes, talk to others about it, etc... (2) Learn your language "in-depth, to the very bottom," so you understand its strengths and weaknesses.

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Data Structures & Algorithms I Actually Used Working At Tech Companies tl;dr: "This article is a set of real-world examples where data structures like trees, graphs, and various algorithms were used in production."

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Architecture Jams: A Collaborative Way Of Designing Software tl;dr: Gergely provides a useful framework for how to conduct jams, starting with (1) be mindful of who you invite (2) start with the goal (3) lay out constraints and principles.

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