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Software Engineering RFC And Design Doc Examples And Templates tl;dr: "This article collects some openly available RFC templates and examples, and a list of companies that use such a process. I’d encourage to use these examples for inspiration. Take parts that resonate with you, experiment with them and modify them to your needs."

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Shipping To Production tl;dr: "In this issue we cover: (1) The extremes of shipping to production. (2) Typical processes at different types of companies. (3) Principles and tools for shipping to production responsibly. (4) Additional verification layers and advanced tools. (5) Taking pragmatic risks to move faster. (6) Deciding which approach to take. (7) Other things to incorporate into the deployment process.

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The Scoop: Inside the Longest Atlassian Outage of All Time tl;dr: Gergely covers a timeline of events, cause of the outage, what customers are saying, the impact of the outage on Atlassian’s business, learnings from this outage, and more. 

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The Scoop: Inside Fast’s Rapid Collapse tl;dr: "I am covering details from the vantage point of software engineers and engineering managers." Gergely covers how Fast able to hire engineers competing with the big tech companies, warning signs within the company as seen from an engineering perspective, the current situation within the company, and more.

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Migrations Done Well tl;dr: "If you do some groundwork before starting the migration, you’ll reduce risk, gain confidence and understand the scope of the migration better." Gergely breaks the migration process into the following steps: (1) Preparation for migrations. (2) Pre-migration steps, such as monitoring and validation. (3) The migration itself, covering downtime, strategies & toolset. (4) After the migration. (5) The migration long-tail.

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What TPMs Do And What Software Engineers Can Learn From Them tl;dr: "A deep dive with five Technical Program Managers (TPM) on what the role is, how it evolved, and how engineers and managers can benefit from working with TPMs." Gergely concludes that senior engineer already do lots of the things that TPMs do full-time. (2) Fast-growing tech companies rely heavily on TPMs to scale engineering efficiency. (3) The TPM role is spreading steadily across the industry.

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Becoming A Better Writer In Tech tl;dr: This post covers: (1) The importance of writing for software engineers, engineering managers, and executives. (2) The process of writing well. Editing approaches to make your writing crisper and getting feedback on your writing. (3) Improving how you write. Observing and copying great writing. Habits to build your writing muscle. Continuous learning: courses, books, and tools to boost your writing.

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Holiday Book Recommendations for Engineering Managers, Software Engineers and Product Managers tl;dr: 95 recommendations divided by genres such as engineering management, engineering leadership & org design, software engineering careers, leadership and business, and others. 

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Hiring (And Retaining) A Diverse Engineering Team tl;dr: "Stories from 6 engineering leaders who succeeded in building and growing diverse teams," with the following key takeaways: (1) Underrepresented leaders make a difference. (2) There are tactical wins you can start now e.g. bias training, partnering with organizations. (3) Use structure to drive diversity outcomes & create processes around those outcomes. (4) Tactics need a defined strategy and goals.

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More Follow-Up On The Tech Hiring Market tl;dr: Gergely looks at 30+ compensation related data points to see how companies, across different regions, are adjusting to the rapidly changing hiring market. His advice: "if your company has not yet made off-cycle compensation changes, you’ll likely have to make a case for a larger than usual raise for the new year. Start engaging your leadership now."

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