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PyCon US 2021 Recordings Are Complete! tl;dr: The PyCon US 2021 recordings are available on our YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe to our channel for notifications of new content. This channel will be used for all future conferences in order to keep all content in one channel.

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PyCon Us 2021 Call for Proposals is Open! tl;dr: "During this unique year we will be asking presenters to pre-record their session and be available online during their sessions to engage with the attendees via chat." Proposals due February 12, 2021.

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Call For Proposals For PyCon 2020 Is Open! tl;dr: Proposals due November 22. Pycon is looking for beginner, intermediate, and advanced proposals on all topics, an opportunity to "share what you’re working on, how you’re working on it, what you’ve learned, what you’re learning."

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