Keeping The Cloudflare API 'All Green' Using Python-Based Testing

- Elie Mitrani tl;dr: This article discusses Scout, an automated system running Python tests verifying the end to end behavior of Cloudflare’s APIs. Scout evaluates APIs in production-like environments, green lights a production deployment and monitors the behavior of APIs in production. This article dives deep into how it operates.

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How Virtual Environments Work

- Brett Cannon tl;dr: “There are two parts to virtual environments: their directories and their configuration file. As a running example, I'm going to assume you ran the command py -m venv --without-pip .venv in some directory on a Unix-based OS.”

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GPT In 60 Lines Of NumPy

- Jay Mody tl;dr: "In this post, we'll implement a GPT from scratch in just 60 lines of numpy. We'll then load the trained GPT-2 model weights released by OpenAI into our implementation and generate some text.”

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Magical Fibonacci Formulae

- Orson Peters tl;dr: "Wow. Somehow the simple expression x/(1−x−x2) contains’ the entire Fibonacci sequence..." Orson explains how.

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Python’s “Disappointing” Superpowers

- Luke Plant tl;dr: "I’m worried that a de-facto move away from dynamic stuff in the Python ecosystem, possibly motivated by those who use Python only because they have to, and just want to make it more like the C# or Java they are comfortable with, could leave us with the very worst of all worlds."

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Writing A Python SQL Engine From Scratch

- Toby Mao tl;dr: "This post will cover why I went through the effort of creating a Python SQL engine and how a simple query goes from a string to actually transforming data." Toby covers tokenizing, parsing, optimizing, planning and executing.

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Python And The Future Of Programming 

- Guido Van Rossum tl;dr: Interview with the founder of Python discussing topics such as type hinting, TypeScript vs JavaScript, best IDE for Python, parallelism, the GIL, Python 4.0, machine learning, GitHub Copilot & future of Python.

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Where Exactly Does Python 3.11 Get Its ~25% Speedup?

- Beshr Kayali tl;dr: "Python 3.11 was released a few days ago and as usual, it comes with more than a few new features that make it ever more interesting, from exception groups and fine-grained error locations and tracebacks to TOML parsing support in the standard library and of course the much awaited speedup as part of the faster CPython project. CPython 3.11 is 25% faster than CPython 3.10 on average according to benchmarks with pyperformance."

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Python CLI Tricks That Don't Require Any Code Whatsoever

- Martin Heinz tl;dr: "Out-of-the-box, Python standard library ships with many great libraries allowing us to do many cool things directly from terminal without needing to even open a .py file. This includes things like starting a webserver, opening a browser, parsing JSON files, benchmarking programs and many more, all of which we will explore in this article."

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Hello World Under The Microscope

tl;dr: "We will trace the execution path of the "Hello World" micro-program written in Python and run on Windows, starting from a single call to the high-level print function, through the subsequent levels of abstraction of the interpreter, operating system and graphics drivers, and ending with the display of the corresponding pixels on the screen. As it turns out, this path in itself is neither simple nor short, but definitely fascinating."

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