/Jessica Kerr

Those Pesky Pull Request Reviews tl;dr: "We know that code review improves outcomes – compared to coding alone without any review. Don’t do that. Do code together - with constant, live review and growing understanding between the team members and the code, between the team members and each other."

featured in #228

When Costs Are Nonlinear, Keep It Small tl;dr: "Do the easy boring job regularly, instead of the hard scary job in a panic." Jessica highlights the increasing, non-linear costs incurred when we don't repair something often and frequently.

featured in #224

10x Developer: Work -> Knowledge -> Work tl;dr: "The most productive developer on a team is usually the one with the most knowledge of the system." This compounds - knowledgable developers are chosen for more tasks and accrue more knowledge. To counter this, assign work to the least busy person for training, use pair and ensemble programming.

featured in #221

Other People’s Messes tl;dr: We're comfortable writing messy code when it's just ourself who will see it. If you know others will at some point review it, it's best to clean it sooner rather than later.

featured in #148

For Cleaner Code, Write Ugly Code tl;dr: When prototyping code, make it ugly. Generally speaking, the number of iterations correlates more closely to success than the total time spent. This way, you are forced to go revisit your code, streamline and beautify it.

featured in #147

Knowledge Resides In Teams tl;dr: The "magic of a gelled team is that they know how to work together". The responsibility of a team's manager is to understand the inter-relationships that create that magic.

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