/Julie Zhuo

A User Guide To Working With You tl;dr: "Creates clarity on how you work — what you value, how you look at problems, what your blind spots or areas of growth are, and how to build trust with you." Julie recommends writing your own guide to give to managers and teammates, providing examples.

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Managing Remotely tl;dr: Tips for (1) interacting with others (2) video meetings (3) your work-from-home environment (4) remaining active (5) better focus. 

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10 Questions I Wish I’d Asked More To Turbocharge My Career tl;dr: Ask more questions of the people around you and understand they have something to teach you. The author runs through ten specific questions that new leaders should ask themselves and their reports.

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As Your Team Gets Bigger, Your Leadership Style Has to Adapt tl;dr: As teams grow quickly, leadership style changes in the following ways - move from direct to indirect management, reports treat you differently, more context switching, re-prioritization of challenges & focus of people-centric skills. The article outlines ways to manage these changes as they happen.

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