Deno 1.11 Release Notes

tl;dr: Deno 1.11 has been tagged and released with the follow features: (1) Abortable fetch: abort ongoing fetch requests in a web compatible way (2) More Web Crypto APIs: support for crypto.subtle.digest and crypto.randomUUID landed.

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Announcing the Deno Company

- Ryan Dahl Bert Belder tl;dr: "As the browser platform moves forward at a rapid pace, server-side JavaScript has stagnated... Deno is our attempt to breathe new life into this ecosystem. To provide a modern, productive programming system that adheres to browser APIs."

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Deno 1.8 Release Notes

tl;dr: Including Experimental support for WebGPU API: paving a path towards out-of-the-box GPU accelerated machine learning in Deno, and more.

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What Is Deno And Will It Replace NodeJS?

- Fernando Doglio tl;dr: Created by the author of Node, Deno is a new JS runtime for the backend written in Rust with a "more complete standard library," enhance security and integrated Typescript. 

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Deno 1.0

tl;dr: "Deno is a new runtime for executing JavaScript and TypeScript outside of the web browser."

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