2020 Haskell Survey

tl;dr: "The goal of this survey is to better understand what people think of the Haskell programming language, together with its ecosystem and community."

featured in #213

The Golden Rule Of Software Quality

- Gabriel Gonzalez tl;dr: "Prefer to push fixes upstream instead of working around problems downstream." Gabriel explains implications of this rule with a few tradeoffs seen from the Haskell community and ecosystem.

featured in #196

Generating Castles For Minecraft using Haskell

- Tim Phillip Williams tl;dr: Tim created a Haskell DSL. The aim was to "build a skeleton structure", and not do most of the repetitive parts of the construction, like walls, floor, roofs, etc. He runs through how in this post.

featured in #161

Why Haskell

- Hector Jusforgues tl;dr: Semantic is a Haskell library and command line tool for parsing, analyzing, and comparing source code. This goes through why GitHub chose Haskell for Semantic's implementation language.

featured in #144