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Stack Overflow Acquired By Prosus For $1.8 Billion

tl;dr: Stack Overflow will continue to operate independently. Prosus is a SA based company and primary shareholder of Chinese gaming mega co & WeChat developer, Tencent.

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2020 Developer Survey

tl;dr: An analysis of the annual survey of over 65,000 developers. 

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Introducing Dark Mode (Beta) For Stack Overflow

- Ben Popper tl;dr: The Stack Overflow community upvoted this to be the most requested feature.

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The 2020 Developer Survey Is Now Open!

- Ryan Donovan tl;dr: This year we are focused on collecting insights from a sample that is representative of coders around the world.

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What A Very Bad Day At Work Taught Me About Building Stack Overflow’s Community

- Sarah Chipps tl;dr: When you're new at something, multiple people pointing out your error feels overwhelming, like an attack. This is a common experience for new developers on Stack Overflow.

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Stack Overflow: Helping One Million Developers Exit Vim

- David Robinson tl;dr: Breakdown of which countries developers are coming and the languages they develop in, this article asks and answers the question, have developers started to learn how to exit vim? 🤦

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