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Web Browsers Need To Stop

- Drew DeVault tl;dr: "At some point" browsers need to "stop adding scope and start focusing on performance, efficiency, reliability, and security at the scope" that already exists.

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Things You Can Do With A Browser In 2020

- Luigi De Rosa tl;dr: A 'non-exhaustive list of less-known features implemented in browsers today. This list isn't intended for a technical audience; instead it wants to be a "I didn't know we could do that in a browser!" list.'

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Demystifying Browsers

- Eric Lawrence tl;dr: Eric has been building browsers for 16 years and is often asked "Where do I learn about browsers?" The aim of this post is to answer that very question.

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Microsoft Opens Edge Addons Store for Submissions

- Luke Jones tl;dr: Microsoft Edge Addons store is now open and developers can submit their addons. Applications built on Google's Chromium will be functional on Edge with no additional code required.

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Before Netscape: The Forgotten Web Browsers Of The Early 1990s

- Matthew Lasar tl;dr: Old browsers screenshots, including Tim Berner Lee's original WorldWideWeb browser CERN that ran on the NeXTStep operating system.

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A Conspiracy To Kill IE6

- Chris Zacharias tl;dr: Just after Google's acquisition of YouTube, a YouTube engineer recounts his team's stealth effort to push a fifth of the site's users off of IE6 without informing the organization 🤫.

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