Teach Yourself Git Without Learning a Single Git Command

- Ivan Toshkov tl;dr: "In this tutorial I’ll try to describe how git works without using git itself. Instead, we’ll create a simple, git-like system using just zip, diff, patch and a few simple filesystem commands. The idea is to build a good mental model of how git works conceptually.

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My Favorite Git Aliases

- Ryan Davis tl;dr: I use git aliases to automate some more complicated or repetitive operations, Ryan runs through some favorites: (1) "git glg" to summarize recent commits (2) "git amend" to add content to the most recent commit (3) "git changelog" to build pull request descriptions, and more.

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Cleaning Up Git History

- Robin Schroer tl;dr: "Every commit should make sense by itself. There is a just right size for commits, where there is nothing to add and nothing to remove. We want to add / remove / change exactly one thing in each commit." If you are struggling, that's a sign your commit is not well scoped. Robin discusses techniques, how to leverage interactive rebasing, and more.

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This Is How I Git

- Daniel Stenberg tl;dr: "I have a very simple approach and way of working with git in curl. This is how it works."

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A Survey Of Git Best Practices

- David Golden tl;dr: David researched articles around Git best practices for a work presentation and collated the most frequently practices, in this post.

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SQL Queries For Git Repositories

tl;dr: "A command-line tool for running SQL queries on git repositories meant for ad-hoc querying of git repositories on disk through a common interface (SQL)."

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Highlights From Git 2.28

- Taylor Blau tl;dr: "A new configuration option, init.defaultBranch is being introduced to replace the hard-coded term Master," and more.

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Easily Rename Your Git Default Branch From Master To Main

- Scott Hanselman tl;dr: "Master-slave is an oppressive metaphor, it's inaccurate and can deter someone new getting excited about learning the technology. Post outlines how to make the change.

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Highlights From Git 2.26

- Taylor Blau tl;dr: "With features and bug fixes from over 64 contributors, 12 of them new. Here’s our look at some of the most exciting features and changes introduced."

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Git From The Inside Out

- Mary Rose Cook tl;dr: Mary's article focuses on "the graph structure that underpins Git and the way the properties of this graph dictate Git’s behavior."

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