Tell Candidates What To Expect From Your Job Interviews

- Julia Evans tl;dr: Given candidates won't know your interview process from the start - which can lead to confusion - share a simple document beforehand outlining the process and how they should prepare. Julia provides Stripe's sample document.

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Remote Career Summit 2020

tl;dr: "The largest virtual job fair for remote professionals and companies."

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State of Software Engineers

tl;dr: Demand for AR/VR and gaming engineering roles are growing fastest, insight into salaries based on location and other trends

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Understanding This Scientific Theory Can Teach Companies to Hire (and Retain) The Best Engineers

- Tyler Hakes tl;dr: Remove dissatisfaction factors to hire the best engineers - these are hygiene factors such as low salary or poor office space. Improve motivating factors to retain hires, such as creating interesting work and increasing responsibility.

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New Evidence of Age Bias in Hiring, and a Push to Fight It

- Patricia Cohen tl;dr: There is more evidence that companies discriminate against hiring older people, creating more litigation and research into the issue.

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Working Together When We’re Not Together

- Ruth Reader tl;dr: Distributed teams perform as well as in-person teams. However, there are issues in building connections and syncing schedules. Three recommendations - forge connections, spend time getting to know each other & set scheduling boundaries.

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How NOT To Hire A Software Engineer

- Nikita Prokopov tl;dr: Common mistakes include not giving interviewees enough time to solve problems, judging if a problem is solved but not the method it was solved by, not assessing how mistakes are handled, conducting multiple shorter interviews, whiteboarding and not tailoring to the interviewee's background.

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