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Bye, Amazon

- Tim Bray tl;dr: Tim resigned his role at Amazon in protest of the company's mistreatment of warehouse workers. He cites the critical role of power balances. Employees at AWS are not mistreated nor considered disposable the way warehouse workers are. 

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tl;dr: "A blog platform for developers, for everything coding. Not for content-marketing disguised as programming tutorials. Not for advertisement blended with sincerely interesting pieces."

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The Soul Of A New Computer Company

- Bryan Cantrill tl;dr: Bryan Catrill is launching Oxide, a new computer company that comes from a deep-rooted philosophy that hardware and software should each be built with the each other in mind ground-up.

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Two Malicious Python Libraries Caught Stealing SSH And GPG Keys

- Catalin Cimpanu tl;dr: Two libraries were found stealing SSH and GPG keys. The libraries were named similar to common ones to trick developers into using them.

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Contract For The Web

tl;dr: Authored by the WWW Foundation, this is a set of principles for the trifecta of government, companies and citizens. 

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