Rome, A New JavaScript Toolchain

- Jason Miller tl;dr: Rome is a from-scratch implementation of a complete JavaScript toolchain. It compiles and bundles JavaScript projects, lints and type-checks, runs tests, and can also format code.

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JavaScript Libraries Are Almost Never Updated Once Installed

- Zack Bloom tl;dr: Cloudflare analyzed anonymous data around jQuery's usage. While a new version of jQuery was adopted quickly, there wasn't a decline in usage of older versions.

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70 JavaScript Interview Questions

- Mark Abeto tl;dr: Mark lays out common JavaScript interview questions answering each one.

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The State of JavaScript 2019

- Sacha Greif tl;dr: With over 21,717 respondents this survey is both a dive into various JS frameworks and a state of the union on how the community feels about the language and where it's heading. 

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The State of JavaScript

- Sacha Greif tl;dr: Link to the annual survey, to find out "which libraries developers want to learn next, which have the best satisfaction ratings, and much more."

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When JavaScript Bytes

- Tim Kadlec tl;dr: JS is the most expensive resource byte-for-byte, yet we use it excessively. This presentation focuses on (1) Practical ways to reduce the amount of JS we’re using (2) Techniques to remove excess bytes off bundles (3) How to make sure those bytes stay off.

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Modern JavaScript Features You May Have Missed

- Jimmy Breck-McKye tl;dr: "Some modern JS features that didn’t get much airtime when they first came out. Some are just quality of life improvements, but others are genuinely handy and can save whole swathes of code."

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Sould We Rebrand JavaScript?

- Kieran Potts tl;dr: The core reason is the languages "fuzzy scope" i.e. if a computer program is documented as having been written in JavaScript, more information is needed to run the program.

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Face Detection Using JavaScript API - face-api.js

- Deepak Gupta tl;dr: Built on TensorFlow, this solves face detection, face recognition and face landmark detection, optimized for web and mobile devices.

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JavaScript Naming Conventions

- Robin Wieruch tl;dr: Naming conventions widely accepted as a standard in the JS community.

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