How I Became A Senior Javascript Developer With Personal Projects

- Afonso Pacifer tl;dr: "One of the best decisions in my developer career was to go beyond just using tools, I decided to create them." Afonso presents some of these tools and what he learned.

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Natively Format JavaScript Dates and Times

- Elijah Manor tl;dr: Elijah still uses the date-fns library, but is more aware of the native browser APIs, and uses them when appropriate. He runs through these APIs here.

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Array Functions and the Rule of Least Power

- Jesse Duffield tl;dr: "The tradeoff between the computational power of a language and the ability to determine what a program in that language is doing." Built-in array functions like .map & .filter may seem powerful but reduce flexibility. Jesse recommends custom code for readability and error reduction.

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Dates and Times in JavaScript

tl;dr: The team is looking for feedback on a new proposal for handling DateTime in JS.

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- Tim Holman tl;dr: "Elevator.js fixes those awkward "scroll to top" moments the old fashioned way."

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A Little Bit Of Plain Javascript Can Do A Lot

- Julia Evans tl;dr: Julia's goal is "to be able to write little websites with less than 200 lines of Javascript that mostly work." She runs through what all she's been able to do playing around with simple JS and without using a framework.

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JavaScript Questions

- Lydia Hallie tl;dr: "From basic to advanced: test how well you know JavaScript, refresh your knowledge a bit, or prepare for your coding interview!"

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Do Not Follow JavaScript Trends

- Nikola Duza tl;dr: When considering a new technology (1) research and test before deciding (2) Is it solving your problem, what is the cost? (3) Get an opinion from others.

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The Third Age Of JavaScript

- Shawn Wang tl;dr: "Third Age is about clearing away legacy assumptions and collapsing layers of tooling."

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The Cost Of Javascript Frameworks

- Tim Kadlec tl;dr: Comparative performance costs of jQuery, Vue, Angular and React. 

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