Let's Build A Full-Text Search Engine

- Artem Krylysov tl;dr: "By the end of this post, we'll be able to search across millions of documents in less than a millisecond. We'll start with simple search queries like "give me all documents that contain the word cat.""

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How To Implement Search By Color When All You Have Is A Good Coffee

- Mike Alche tl;dr: How search was implemented on a Next.JS app using PostgreSQL and third party library called "color thief."

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Announcing Mobile First Indexing For The Whole Web

- John Mueller tl;dr: Google will be switching to mobile-first indexing for all websites starting September 2020. 

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Building A Search Engine From Scratch

tl;dr: With privacy protection and Google's lack of competition as inspiration, the team at Cliqz runs through the approach they've taken to build their own search engine.

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