Announcing Parcel V2!

tl;dr: Parcel’s philosophy is to enable web development best practices out of the box with zero configuration, but allow you to override and extend every aspect to fit your needs.

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Front-end JavaScript Performance

- Marc Radziwill tl;dr: In this post, Marc discusses the different types of JS performance issues, how to debug them, how to write fast front-end code and optimizing JavaScript code architecture.

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What Is Dinero.js?

tl;dr: Dinero.js lets you express monetary values in JavaScript. You can perform mutations, conversions, comparisons, format them extensively, and overall make money manipulation in your application easier and safer."

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10 GitHub Repositories To Become A Better JavaScript Developer

- Pawel Borkar tl;dr: "In this post I've included 10 such GitHub repositories which will help you to become a better JavaScript Developer and will also help you to follow best practices, clear concepts and write scalable and clean code."

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A Look At Building With Astro

- Chris Coyier tl;dr: For Chris, the "big thing" about Astro is that it allows "you to build a site like you’re using a JavaScript framework (and you are), but the output is a zero-JavaScript static site. You can opt-in to client-side JavaScript as needed, and there are clever options for doing so."

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JS Is Weird

tl;dr: "In this quiz, you'll be shown 25 quirky expressions and will have to guess the output. Even if you're a JS developer, most of this syntax is probably, and hopefully, not something you use in your daily life."

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2020 JavaScript Rising Stars

tl;dr: "The concept is the same as before: see by the numbers which projects got traction in 2020, by comparing the numbers of stars added on GitHub, over the last 12 months."

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The State Of JS 2020

- Sacha Greif Raphaël Benitte tl;dr: "As the language itself keeps improving thanks to new features like Optional Chaining and Nullish Coalescing, TypeScript's widespread adoption is taking things to a whole other level by popularizing static typing."

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3 JavaScript Features From 2020 That Will Make Your Life Easier

- Lars Grammel tl;dr: (1) Optional chaining (2) Nullish coalescing operator (3) Matching regexp with capture groups using string.matchAll.

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We Rendered A Million Web Pages To Find Out What Makes The Web Slow

tl;dr: "We rendered the top 1 million pages on the web, tracking every conceivable performance metric, logging every error, noting every requested URL. In this article we analyze what the data can tell us about creating high performance web sites."

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