2020 JavaScript Rising Stars

tl;dr: "The concept is the same as before: see by the numbers which projects got traction in 2020, by comparing the numbers of stars added on GitHub, over the last 12 months."

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The State Of JS 2020

- Sacha Greif Raphaël Benitte tl;dr: "As the language itself keeps improving thanks to new features like Optional Chaining and Nullish Coalescing, TypeScript's widespread adoption is taking things to a whole other level by popularizing static typing."

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3 JavaScript Features From 2020 That Will Make Your Life Easier

- Lars Grammel tl;dr: (1) Optional chaining (2) Nullish coalescing operator (3) Matching regexp with capture groups using string.matchAll.

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We Rendered A Million Web Pages To Find Out What Makes The Web Slow

tl;dr: "We rendered the top 1 million pages on the web, tracking every conceivable performance metric, logging every error, noting every requested URL. In this article we analyze what the data can tell us about creating high performance web sites."

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There's Always More History

- Hillel Wayne tl;dr: Hillel provides explanations around two historical questions: (1) Why Vim Uses hjkl (2) Why JavaScript months start from 0.

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Here’s What People In Tech Had To Say About JavaScript When It Debuted In 1995

- Chris Brandrick tl;dr: "Here’s what members of the tech industry had to say about little old JavaScript back in 1995."

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What The F*ck JavaScript?

- Denys Dovhan tl;dr: "We all know that JavaScript is quite a funny language with tricky parts. Some of them can quickly turn our everyday job into hell, and some of them can make us laugh out loud."

featured in #214

Writing JavaScript Tools In Other Languages – A New Trend?

- Axel Rauschmayer tl;dr: Benefits of using other languages: (1) Can be compiled to native binaries which have faster startup times. (2) Native binaries also usually run considerably faster than JS code. (3) Many languages make it much easier to parallelize code.

featured in #210

How I Became A Senior Javascript Developer With Personal Projects

- Afonso Pacifer tl;dr: "One of the best decisions in my developer career was to go beyond just using tools, I decided to create them." Afonso presents some of these tools and what he learned.

featured in #200

Natively Format JavaScript Dates and Times

- Elijah Manor tl;dr: Elijah still uses the date-fns library, but is more aware of the native browser APIs, and uses them when appropriate. He runs through these APIs here.

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