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Gross Company Happiness tl;dr: Clearbit developed an OKR measuring employee happiness, defined by employees working (1) under a great manager (2 around people who challenge them and who's company they enjoy (3) on interesting problems.

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Advice To My Younger Self tl;dr: If Alex could give his younger self advice, he would say these 10 things. Includes being less tied to being right and to focus on what gives you energy, not what you're good at.

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Clearbit's Approach To Management tl;dr: The tl;dr guide to management at Clearbit includes do's and don'ts, motivation, hiring and more. Written in a digestible, easy to read, way.

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The Style Of A Leader tl;dr: The importance of showing vulnerability to your team and not ruling through authoritarianism. Most importantly, sharing fears and concerns creates a genuine sense of trust.

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Conscious Leadership tl;dr: This article covers a set of values that management at Clearbit look for in employees, starting with the principle of "learning above the line" where employees are intellectually curious, not stubborn about being right.

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