Nurturing Design In Your Software Engineering Culture

- Nick Tune tl;dr: Tactics to improve the "design mindset in your engineering culture," such as (1) the use of pair programming and mobbing because to vet every and debate small decisions. (2) "A good understanding of the business domains" so engineers and architects can create business-optimized designs, and more.

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Software Engineering Culture Metrics

- David Xiang tl;dr: David breaks down how to look at engineering culture via questions, characteristics and values, giving examples of each, and 3 interesting metrics - (1) Adoption of frameworks & tools, (2) effectiveness of retrospectives & (3) effectiveness of RFCs.

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No Meetings, No Deadlines, No Full-Time Employees

- Sahil Lavingia tl;dr: "We got here on accident, not some grand plan." After laying off his employees, Sahil cared more about "freedom" instituting "a no-meeting, no-deadline" culture. He hired contractors who "saved the company." This way of working has grown to 25 contractors and $11 million in annualized revenue.

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Driving Cultural Change Through Software Choices

- Camille Fournier tl;dr: To change engineering values as a leader, you need to change what you reward and focus on. This can be slow and has negative consequences e.g. some feel their skill are less relevant. As a platform engineer, you can find tools that bake in and support the values you want to be taken seriously.

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Preserving Culture When Someone Leaves The Team

- Mark Wood tl;dr: It's common to focus on the practical skills lost when someone leaves. Consider cultural implications too. As a manager, identify a common behavior the employee brought, its impact, and how you want to strengthen it going forward - through your own behaviors, asking someone else, or through the a new hire.

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Diversity, Inclusion, And Belonging For All

tl;dr: LinkedIn's open course to "learn about the challenges and opportunities inherent in working in diverse organizations."

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The Developer Culture Test: What Defines Places Where Developers Thrive?

- Gergely Orosz tl;dr: The test comprises of 3 areas, with 5 questions each, to help evaluate whether an organization has a healthy culture. Any "decent tech company" should have the 3 basic points nailed, and "cover at least 4 out of the 5 points in each area."

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Gross Company Happiness

- Alex MacCaw tl;dr: Clearbit developed an OKR measuring employee happiness, defined by employees working (1) under a great manager (2 around people who challenge them and who's company they enjoy (3) on interesting problems.

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Speaking Truth To Power: Reflections On My Career At Microsoft

- James Whitaker tl;dr: Cultural shadows of past CEOs remain, so does the flawed management they hired. Microsoft's rejuvenation under the current CEO has come in departments where such managers have been cast aside for less well known, culturally diverse talent. These changes are not prevalent enough though. Click the link in this tweet to bypass the paywall.

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Getting To The Heart Of Digital Accessibility

- Carie Fisher tl;dr: Inclusivity in tech is still a challenge, and that streams down to the way in which sites are designed. Making them inclusive for others is paramount, here are steps on how you should think about that.

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