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Asynchronous Development For Hybrid Remote Dev Teams tl;dr: The five tenets of async development: (1) Async is the default form of communication. (2) Git is the central element of the dev process. (3) Management tools are for planning, not updates. (4) Continuous improvement is a daily practice. (5) Dev teams are the core of the business.

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How I Went From Dev To VP Of R&D In 25 Months tl;dr: Characteristics of an elite team and 7 "secrets" from building such a team, including (1) learning how to get developers to do what was right without formal authority (2) The smarter the person, the more “why” matters.

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Promoted From Dev To Team Lead: 8 Things They Didn’t Tell Me tl;dr: I was happy as a software engineer. Not a care in the world. Then I was hit by a freight train... I got promoted to dev team lead. Here's 8 things I wish I knew back then. Promoted By LinearB

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Stand-Up 2.0: It’s Time To Ditch The Daily From 1993 tl;dr: Stand-ups are not designed for managers & product owners, not devs. Dan reimagines the stand-up with 3 questions - How am I blocked? What’s distracting me from my priority? Will we ship on time?

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How We Measure Our Development Process Now That We’re 100% Remote tl;dr: As the Linearb team shifted to working from home, productivity took a hit. Here they discuss how they re-evaluated their process along with other steps that helped boost productivity and adapt to the circumstances

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