Stand-Up 2.0: It’s Time To Ditch The Daily From 1993

- Dan Lines tl;dr: Stand-ups are not designed for managers & product owners, not devs. Dan reimagines the stand-up with 3 questions - How am I blocked? What’s distracting me from my priority? Will we ship on time?

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Daily Stand-up Injection Of Guilt

- Yegor Bugayenko tl;dr: There's no need for stand-ups except for weak managers to exert guilt onto engineers. Strong managers don't need them, they leverage reward-and-punishment mechanisms.

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Daily Stand-up Meeting, Weekly Staff Meeting – Or No Meeting?

- Claire Lew tl;dr: Organizational knowledge sharing is beneficial to productivity, but sharing is costly and difficult to implement. This guides on the finding the right cadence to share effectively. Click the link in this tweet if paywalled.

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