/Eric Elliott

Demos Over Deadlines tl;dr: Eric tries hard to balance shipping quickly with avoiding putting too much time pressure on his team. He does the latter by valuing demos of new features, which turns stress into something more fun. He discusses the pitfalls of deadlines and believes the following are key - demos over deadlines, controlling scope. and setting priorities.

featured in #257

The TypeScript Tax tl;dr: Cost-benefit analysis of Typescript concludes that the author would not use it in future large scale applications in its current state, although would choose it for smaller applications, mostly due to the fact that costs compound in large applications.

featured in #135

Software Roles and Titles tl;dr: The first half runs-through typical roles in engineering orgs from Engineering Fellow, CEO, CTO down to Intern, and how they tend to fit in both small and large orgs. The second half discusses how the cogs fit together to create the machine and typical dysfunctions.

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